Sunday, June 4, 2017

Of Pigs & Barns

The little piggies are going to market - or running amok?  Four more added to the barn yard with this month's RSC17 color - YELLOW.  Most of my current yellow scraps are very light (must be why I'm not using them), but I scrounged around and found enough for these piglets.  And little piggies never run in the same direction. 

We had pigs on the farm many years ago - food and lard source, but I must have either been very young or they were gone before my time because I don't remember them.   BUT, I've heard many tales of how they were constantly getting out and making a mess of things - and quite the stinkers to get back in their pen!

And on the farm - the last of the 'barn' photos to share.  This was originally the machine shop.  Yes, I even learned to weild - we fixed our own machinery.  

When the crop land was rented rather than worked, it became the woodworking shop.  

Replica Amish furniture, Grandmother and Grandfather clocks, cedar chests of various sizes and designs, specialty moldings, cabinets.........

Even a small planer was in here for some of the small, refined work.  She has been rather battered by the winds and showing wear.  Some tools, machinery and storage is her function now.

This was originally the 'split-level' chicken house.  We had three chicken houses at one time, but when the chickens went two were removed and this became my Dad's workshop.

Eventually he moved into the larger shop and this is another storage shed mainly for all of the mowing equipment and supplies.

And if you continue to walk around , there is the barn set up by the old stone quarry.  It's hard to see the scale of this with all the growth and leafing.

The foundation to all the buildings and houses were cut from this quarry.

I hunted and chipped quartz from here as a kid and so did my children.  

This lean-to type barn was for crop machinery storage.  The center is taller as that was to accommodate the tall corn combine.  

Yes, you really had to know your stuff to move machinery in and out of this place  without wiping out a post/beam or scraping the rock wall.

Just because it is pretty - the old logging road that takes you  to the upper fields on the mountain.  Some day I will have to hike up to the cabin to share some photos of the upper 'plantation'.  It's turkey season, so no hiking up there yet.

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Hope you've had a lovely weekend.  We've been so rainy and I took all of these inbetween breaks of sun/cloud cover.  And it's raining again.

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  1. Love those adorable pig blocks, but also enjoyed the pics of the farm. It looks like a lovely place with lots of good stories to tell!

  2. Nice mix of ear, feet, and snout colors to finish off your YELLOW piggies! Thanks for a tour of the farmyard.

  3. Those old buildings are beautiful! I miss seeing our family's barn and workshops. Your pig blocks are cute too. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Adorable little yellow piglets. What a visual adventure and story about your family homestead. Thanks for the tour.

  5. I've looked seeing the pictures of all the farm buildings, thank you for sharing. The pig blocks are so cute.

  6. Old barns and workshops have those special memories. How large is the whole land area? And your own quarry, how amazing.I can picture all the woodworking equipment, and that was so many years ago, all different now with modern technology. But the hand planes down here are collectors gems. Your Dad's would have been a much larger one, probably electric, ( Hugh has one to take up to 12 inch wide planks) to take in wide planks of wood before they were made into some beautiful pieces of furniture.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your old barn and buildings with us. The piggies must feel right at home there. I can almost hear them squealing with delight.

  8. What do you mean "it's turkey season, so no hiking up there yet?"

    How are those two things related? thanks

    1. I wondered that too! We have wild turkeys here in California...they just wander around. They haven't had babies yet.

  9. I love the yellow pigs this month. I can still remember the smell of the machine shed when I was growing up - sort of oily, lubricant - good memories.

  10. What a fun pictorial travel experience. =) Thanks for taking time to post all of the fun pictures.

  11. So beautiful seeing your place!

  12. Just love those pigs 🐷

    Enjoyed the trip around your place Sharon.

  13. love your pigs and barn tour. thanks for sharing

  14. I love this, I thought we had seen it all and you had a lot more buildings. The logging road is so pretty and I guess it's turkey hunting season or are wild turkeys dangerous in spring? Now I'm worried about a wild turkey attacking the furbabies, LOL.

  15. I love seeing pictures of your home and all the history, how great you and your family still live there. Here in the UK it is heavy rain today and cooler than the last few weeks, so a shock to the system! Hopefully Summer is not over for us already!!!!! Hugs, Susie x

  16. Really cute piggies. Loved reading of your history as well.

  17. I really enjoyed this tour of your property. I am fascinated by old buildings and well . . . just anything old! How many piggies are you going to make before you put them into a quilt?

  18. You live in a beautiful area. Thanks for the tour.

  19. Very fun little piggies. Thanks for the tour. You definitely have a lot of barns! How many total?