Sunday, March 29, 2020

Monday Making

The plan was to get three more quilts quilted by the end of the month.  These are all baby quilts, so they go fast.  I have two done and the third ready to go.  The bindings are made, ready, and will be completed entirely by machine.  These will be part of my Hands2Help Challenge donations thru my local guild.

In my goal to get as many quilts finished up  this year, I have decided to go thru my 'to-be-quilted' totes and see just what is there.  Some consolidating will happend as you can see they aren't bursting thru the lids any more.

This all comes about now as I am eager to get my front door opened.  I block this off during the winter to cut down on draft - no one can access this door anyway.  BUT with all this confinement and now it's been extended, I feel the need to be able to get out on this porch once in a while.

A tote of 'frankenbatt' to use up (I have two extra long rolls - so won't run out), one tote was actually empty (? - maybe just to help with the draft), one tote holds some Hall of Fame items (and we won't be holding our Spring meeting), a tote full of extra wides to match up with those to-be-quilted tops, and a smaller tote stuffed with plaids, shirtings, and wovens.  The corner is what is left of scrappy scraps that need to used or chopped into my barrel system (and Bonny Hunter is offering a mystery thru our self-isolation period - button on side bar).

And pull out some quilts and you get help!  Moe keeping track of the piles to be sure I am getting things into the proper order.  And look - his eyes match the March RSC20 color - teal!!!

While I'm doing this organizing, I will pull my OMG - April and One Finish A Month projects. 

Keeping Busy,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Well you have enough there to keep you busy through another winter. LOL

  2. Lots of fun projects at your place

  3. Good way to spend some of this at-home time! I'll be doing some organizing of all the magazines and papers in my sewing room sometime this month.

  4. Good luck with all your upcoming projects...
    Stay away & stay safe...xox

  5. Well done with the quilting, sounds like you are keeping busy. Hope you get to enjoy the porch. Great photo of Moe.

  6. Sounds and looks like good progress! Glowing kitty eyes! From what I can see he's gorgeous!