Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Solid Scrap Rubix

Part of my 'scrap problem' is the Let's Book It project using the free pattern from American Quilters Association.  I received the pattern as a free flyer in the mail, but you can find the pdf for the pattern HERE. *****I cannot get the pdf to load, but you can find it on the American Quilters Association web site*****

I have the sub units with their small sashing done and now it is time to put them together with the larger sashing for the full block.  And multi-tasking with hand sewing on my '365' circles inbetween. 

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Looking good, Sharon -- you're making terrific progress! :)

  2. lots of little strips there, and sashings all cut, this should go together fairly fast.

  3. Very impressive! (I couldn't get the link to work to the pdf . . . ) :)

  4. I've always viewed 'scrap problems' as 'scrap features'...
    That's a big stack of pretty features you've got there!