Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Making 9/12/16

After our weekend of garage sale work, I am in need of some sew time.  I managed to sneak in on some breaks to get the little sashings added to the 'pink' pile of my little blocks.  So today I hope to add the 'blue' to the other side.  The longer sashings are cut and maybe I'll get a few of those on to make complete blocks.

I did managed to get some hand work done while the garage sale was on.  There is just the final round the last of these '3-color' rosettes.  Most of the hexies are done so maybe I can multi-task and get this wrapped up, too.

I'll join in with Beth @ Love Laugh Quilt and Judy @ PatchWorkTimes

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Very pretty hexies. Have a good sewing week.

  2. Good way to keep the projects going, even when other things try to get in the way.

  3. Your rosettes are sweet! Garage sales are work, aren't they?? Blah! Glad you have some fun things with which to switch gears! :)

  4. You were making money, while I was out spending money on fabric (Bear Paw quilt).

  5. You earned some sew time. Love those hexies.

  6. Hope the garage sale was successful financially and getting unwanted items out of the house! Relaxing with some sewing sounds mighty fine to me.