Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hands 2 Help - Guest Blogger #6

Please be sure to visit Sarah today for another guest blogger with a tutorial for a charity quilt pattern.  It is also a progress link up day.

Slow Sunday Stitching

I will be joining Kathy today for a lovely slow down day.  I have a project that I need to get going on.

Yes, that Let's Book It project.  AND I am doing needle turn applique.  I was tempted to do it by machine and then slapped myself.  This project needs to be done with the right technique.  I am making a smaller piece, so I won't parish doing this by hand.

These are the little guys I missed last Slow Sunday for.  It was a wonderful day and brought back memories of my three on the field long ago.

AND since the secret project is at it's new home, I can show it now.  I had two sisters in the Doll Quilt Swap Group and I know another sister thru blogging who has given such praise of those quilts/dolls.  Well, now sister three has her own.  A 'just because' gift.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. What a gorgeous 'just because' gift, Sharon. Your little dolls are always so sweet.

  2. A most excellent reason to postpone sewing. Children grow up too fast.
    Sweet little doll quilt and doll. Decorative buttons sewed in the baskets. Good idea! Where did you get the basket block? It's perfect for a doll quilt.

  3. That is an adorable doll quilt set. The tiny baskets are sweet.

  4. What a sweet little doll quilt, and I still love your dolls. I cherish the one I have.

  5. A beautiful mini quilt and doll! ENjoy your hand stitching... for sure you won't parish, and you might even love it!!

  6. What a fun quilt for the third sister. DT did one season of T-ball when she was 4. Thankfully we didn't have our heart set on her becoming a good ball player, it didn't happen. But we have fun memories from those times. Looks like the little guys were having a good time.

  7. That quilt is beautiful. Especially since it is a "just because" gift. Those are the best kind.

  8. I love to make "just because" gifts! It is so fun to surprise someone!

  9. What a sweet little surprise quilt!