Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

With a new month, a reoganiztion starts to plan the schedule of projects to work on.  I want July to be a month of getting as many tops quilted, but I found another pile of made blocks and decided today was a good day to finish these up into a flimsy.  They are rather 'bland' so need a little dressing up.

I have a few strips left from the Jelly Roll quilt made last month, so I am going to use them with this project and clear them out as well.

 The heavy rains have totally beat down the flowers - this is my only bed this year.  We are to have 3-4 more days of these storms and I hope I have flowers left.

The first part of the year has been dreadful and draining - this is how I want the rest of the year!!

Stay Healthy and Safe,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Good to get those blocks and strips used up. Could that saying be for the rest of the year please??

  2. Cute blocks.cant wait to see what magic you perform with them.rains here too are torrential. Hoping my veggies stay on the vines

  3. Wow, what a difference a couple hundred miles makes. We've had virtually no rain for almost 3 weeks and none at all for the next 5 or 6 days with temps near 90 everyday. My gardens are definitely inching toward permanent retirement. Good luck with the quilting marathon. My house gets too hot to sew. Good thing the library reopened and I have a new stack of books to read.

  4. Thanks, Sharon for the July words! Just perfect and exactly how I feel.

  5. I agree --and isn't it the S L O W E S T passage of time? My grocery run this morning set me off a bit as there was a maskless couple pushing their way by everyone!! I managed to just hold back for a bit and they made their "grand exit" before I got to the checkout..they must be "special" right???
    What is wrong with people? Anyway.....;000 sigh

    Loving your project--looks like a fun one...nice neutrals...
    I've never tried that block...~ ~ ~ Waving from my recliner~ ~ ~

  6. It’s hard to believe it’s July already. I feel as if the first half of the year has flown by. Such weird times. It feels a little as if we are all in limbo waiting for the next thing to happen. Will life ever get back to normal? This might be our new normal.

  7. I'm interested to see what you will do with those leftover strips in an effort to enlarge the quilt top made from those blocks, Sharon. Happy stitching!