Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

The scrappy homespun 'Chicken Gumbo' quilt is ready for quilting.  I will have to get a back for it, but there are other quilts on the pile that get their 'quilting' day before this one.  I chose to set 20 blocks instead of the 30 in the pattern and changed the size of the borders up - unfinished 64.5" x 74.5".  Fun to make, but didn't put a dent in the homespuns.

Pressing at the ironing board.......

Pulling out of the tote and trying to sort into color - half the tote still full.  A lot of pinks for a quilt of their own.

Piled on the table (and another table as well) with the beginnings of the Lincoln Quilt.  I've wanted to make this since seeing it on Barbara Brackman's site HERE.

We had some good thunderstorms and heavy rains - much needed!  Today is cooler and LESS humid.  Did a walk around to see how the flowers held up to the heavy rains - totally beat down.  On the up side, the weeds will be easier to pull though.

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. I'm not usually a big fan of chickens, but done in shirtings, they are SEW cute!

  2. OOh! I plan to make Lincoln's quilt too some day! I've been finding great shirts at the local thrifts whenever I go. Barbara's article refers to the lack of wovens, but I must say they are coming back in style now. Corey Yoder, for one, has some for one of her lines.

  3. Love that quilt. I may have some homespuns to use up too. Hmmmm

  4. I liked the chicken blocks when you first posted them, but the quilt really captures those homespun beauties in all their glory. The Lincoln quilt is tempting, but I have promised myself to finish up the bags and plastic cases of blocks and cut out projects that are hounding me. I can't wait to see your version.

  5. The chicken blocks are so cute. My friend Sue would love that quilt. I can see why you want to make the Lincoln quilt. I clicked over. Wow. I really like it too.

  6. Where could I find the Chicken Gumbo pattern? Have been searching online but only finding dead Pinterest links.

  7. LOVE that Chicken Gumbo! And thank you so much for the surprise you sent me. I can't wait to make one!