Saturday, February 15, 2020

Lost in a Box

What was to be only a day of play, well - stretched to three days.  I got thru the browns, greens and half the reds.  BUT they were to go into 'in-progress' projects.  This made for a lot of cutting, piecing, and sorting.  SO I GOT LOST!!!  It happens when I play in scraps.

I found there were a lot of strings in that box as well as the bags I was pulling from.  My string tote - some where under that mess - was overflowing.  So in my weak moment, string blocks got made.

They need trimming down, but there are 50 blocks in this pile and I went thru almost half of that old phone book for papers.

I really don't like making string blocks, but the plus side is I can use up all my partial bobbins.  It doesn't matter what color you use because the stitching is small and there are so many color fabrics in the blocks.

Creating a mess on this table as well.  I thought I would tackle a few more Shoo Fly blocks and then went DUH!!  As there are more than enough to make a quilt with an on-point setting.

This made for pulling my totes of Civil War prints and some mini prints from the barrels - adding to the chaos.

Neutrals and solids were pulled from the box and got put on the small side table so they can be stored away correctly.  I don't like to store or keep fabrics in baggies - each color and/or special cut has it's own tote for storage.

A dozen 'double-double' 4-patches or Road blocks got made.  I need a lot more of these and I am sure working thru that box more is going to help.  Once I've gleened, I'll hit my FQ totes that are in despirate need of trimming down. 

And some two-rail units made for the Log Step quilt.  I made some black/red rails units as well - didn't get their photo as I decided I JUST HAD TO start picking up.  I need to get back to the Unicorn quilt.

We were minus 12 degrees this morning and I really hope things start to warm up.   All you can do is .............

Sewingly Yours,


  1. You are at least keeping yourself busy on those cold days.
    Stay warm & keep on sorting...xox

  2. Ha ha the horse did make me smile! Sounds like your sorting is being very productive, you have made some great blocks there. Love seeing squirrel moments spring up when sorting is under way. Keep warm.

  3. Looks like you made great progress in spite of a few squirrels, LOL!!

  4. That smile looks exactly like me! Looks like you’re keeping plenty busy.

  5. Oh, those squirrels! They get loose at my house, too...

  6. Love the shoo fly bocks, and yes the horsey made me smile.😁😁😁

  7. Lotsa projects on the go to keep you busy (and warm). Summer will be here before you know it. Happy sewing :)