Thursday, September 20, 2018

Quilt Show Prep


I haven't disappeared and everyone is well.  Mom is improving daily and I heard from everyone in the flood zone - all safe and above water.

I am just in prep mode for the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame Quilt Show in Roxbury NY.  Quilts came in registration yesterday and today we are setting up.  Tomorrow is a Student Appriciation Day with area school groups.  Then the weekend is open to the public - 10am to 4pm each day.

 Sept 4th

I hope to have time tonight to catch up on all my blog reads.  Remember that the Quilters Meet & Greet is going on all month - click on button on side bar.  This is another item I need to catch up on, too.

Do some stitching for me,
Sewingly  Yours,


  1. A busy time, a breeze by the clothes line ( if that is the prop for your quilt) and the Meet and Greet, what a fantastic number of quilters there, some old friends, and so many new blogs to visit.

  2. I too need to get back to the Meet & Greet. I've only visited the blogs I regularly follow and the ones I catch from Sarah and Angela's link-ups. I haven't done any new to me ones. We're supposed to have record heat near 90° today, then storms, then a 40° drop in temps and much coler next week. It's already quite windy. Enjoy your quilt show.

  3. Life sounds busy. Glad that your mother continues to improve. Have a great weekend hanging out with quilts and quilters.

  4. Glad everyone is safe snd
    Mom is doing well. Have a fabulous weekend