Friday, April 28, 2017

Still Catching Up

Since my SIL is using my large table that I need for that special project, I am using the time to catch up on a few more QAL's.  I did the latest block for the NY Diary (button on side bar).  The large flag, that I chose to piece the whole block rather than the applique they show.  To get the block measurement I just cut my lower strips a bit thinner and used a larger seam - came out perfect and I don't think you can tell the difference.

Then I tackled the next Solstice block.  Yeah - two big blocks in one day!  But I thought of this as making several smaller blocks and then putting them into a table topper.

I still have today to find something to play with.  I cannot shove another 2" square into this barrel and have been putting off tackling it.  Today is the day while I wait.

I had cleaned up all the piles on my high quilt rack - yes, I processed that right down into my fabric system.  Funny how you clear a spot something always jumps right back on it.  But a good place to lay out the long chained twosies for a postage stamp quilt in progress.  This is mindless sewing and I will be so ready to tackle that secret project this weekend - the fabric is ready and pattern read several times.

Some of you have asked how Bella is doing.  The meds seem to be working (what a struggle to get that little pill down her throat).  She stood at the door for the longest time, growling and spitting and weird yowly thing going on.  I looked several times to see what was annoying her.  Moe was laying on the other side of the door and I thought maybe they were having a spat.

Nope, it was this fellow sitting on the barn directly across the way.  At first I thought it  was a Turkey Buzzard as they have been on the trees and buildings during this wet spell, trying to dry their wings.  No, a young Eagle.  He hasn't matured enough to color out - but a young Bald Eagle.  Our nesting pair further up the mountain must have been successful with fledglings this year.  Glad my furkids know that big birds mean big trouble.

He eventually flew off, but Bella must have tired herself standing like a ballerina for over an hour - off to the guest bed for a nap.   

Back to the twosies,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. That would be a threatening bird to see, but beautiful nonetheless. Your blocks look great.

  2. so glad Bella is better. dont blame her for worrying about that bird.your projects are all coming along nicely. fun playing in the scraps

  3. That sounds like the balance you need, big block and then 2" blocks, I'm glad you got to play. She stood like that for an hour? Beautiful bird but now something I would want in my yard, the hawks make me crazy around here.

  4. Nice blocks. Love to see beautiful quilts happen when you pull out the 2" square barrel. Lots of quilts have come from that barrel.
    Cute fur baby pictures and stories. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great effort Sharon. I especially like the Solstice block... xox

  6. How cool that you have a resident eagle to watch grow up. Your NY Diary blocks look great. Hope you get in lots of stitching in what's left of the weekend.

  7. Love your Yankee Diary! I still need to do my flag, I just caught up on block 3!

  8. Oh I know all too well how hard it is to get a pill down a cat's throat. Hopefully you won't have to do it for long.