Tuesday, February 28, 2017


February's Lady of Choice

We can work on any of the ladies we would like, but I follow BARBARA'S lead so if there are any questions along the way, someone is sure to have an answer.  

Although there is a suggested color chart and lovely stitch chart with each of these, I find I pull all my floss boxes (and I have lots) and pick my own colors.  I even go with the flow with the stitches - what works, what is whim, what makes this girl sparkle.

Since Charlotte was a 'colorful' gal, I kept her mini finish simple.  A couple of straight borders in fabrics that complimented her color,and hanging tabs that I think add to her free-care look.

The button for the Bag Lady Club is on the sidebar if  you would like to learn more about this year long project.  And today is the link up over at Barbara's so you can see how others did up their Charlotte.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. She's just sweet as can be, Sharon.

  2. She's very cute and I like how you finished her.

  3. What a cutie she is. I like that you are owning the selection of colors and stitches....to suit what makes you happy. Great finish!

  4. She really is a character... great finish!

  5. Poor Charlotte. She was such a hot mess to get to guild or a hop or retreat or ??? Really - she's adorable and changing the floss and stitches to your whim just makes her more fun

  6. A very cute finish. You made fast work of Charlotte!