Monday, April 4, 2016


I haven't heard the official word of the number of people thru the door, but we were busy both days - even with Sunday being snowy and very blustery.  That's me in the green (don't know what I am doing), Betty in the long blond hair - a very accomplished crazy quilter with her first book coming out in September, Karen (I think she is Amazonian - so tall!), and Emily who is a working machine!.  All a bit of a break before heading to our next assigned stations.  These were our Schoharie Vallery Piecemakers Quilt Guild table and Schoharie Valley Quilt Barn Trail table area.

And just to show - there is Catalicious with her ribbons.  I was white gloving when one of our lovely guild members came by taking photos, so I had Steph do the honors.  If I look tired, I was - I left for home shortly after my work session.

I have photos to share, but will spread them out.  This was one of the pieces for the special exhibit 'Sacred Threads' and you can read about it HERE.  You can view more of their pieces on the site.  There were (I think) 50 pieces and always a huge crowd in front of it, this dog quilt was hung higher, so I could get a clear shot.  It was nice to see that people took the time to read the story board that was with each piece - some would bring you to tears.

Kris Driessen

Kris Driessen was the Saturday Luncheon Lecture "Catching the Muse".

Nancy Mahoney  was the Sunday Luncheon Lecture "Two Block Wonders".

There weren't a lot of 'modern' quilts in this show, but I fell in love with this quilt.  Just love the panel and the color, setting is just so smooth and soothing.  I put this one in for my vote for 'viewer's choice'.

And this is all I bought - 27 vendors and I didn't even go see them.  These I bought at a guild's sale table.  $1.50 for half yard cuts and $1 FQ's they were doing a fabulous business - all to fund their next bus trip (AQS in Syracuse, NY).  The button FQ was from the 'thank you' basket from the show committee.  I did buy the show pin for my name tag - need to photo that.

Would you believe?  We are having the biggest snow storm of the winter - in SPRING!! Today!!  I am going to snuggle with my furkids as they missed me over the weekend, will share more of the show tomorrow.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Looks like a big show....and hard work. Enjoy some rest and snuggles to recover.

  2. I'll bet you were tired, but it sounds like it was a great success.

    I'd be under the covers with all of that snow too.

  3. Beautiful quilt, Sharon. CONGRATULATIONS! Great picture. You work so hard for your community.
    WOW! Can't believe all the snow in NY!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful show! So happy for you that your quilt did so well. Yay you!

  5. Congratulations on all the ribbons - it's a gorgeous quilt. It looks like your show was a success- can't wait to hear/see more!
    Cozy upwith the kids…you're gonna need the extra heat if ur weather is to be as cold as ours this week. *I* thought the snow was quite pretty today but I also know I was a party of one since we've been spoiled for a month...

  6. I hope the snow does not stick around for long! What a Spring! It sounds like your show was a success. Those events are so fun but tiring. I love the quilt with the cranes too! Was the center a panel?

  7. love to see what others are doing and this looks an interesting show, hope you have recovered now and the snow does not hang around too long. I love the quilt that won the ribbon

  8. congrats on your ribbon! great quilt. we too are getting slammed with snow. stay warm and cuddle with those furkids.

  9. I'm sure you are tired. I know how tired I get when we have our quilt show. It is lovely to see a photo of you with your quilt. Now I can picture you as I write. Your profile photo is a bit too small to really see you! xx

  10. I'm so glad you got a picture with you and Catalicious, it looks so beautiful hanging there with it's ribbons. It looks like nature told you it was time to stay home and take a well deserved rest.

  11. It's great that your friend was able to get a photo of you with your quilt. Our snow has mostly melted, but our trees and decks are covered with ice. My poor Magnolia tree had just burst into bloom when the storm hit. We only got to enjoy it for one day. Now the flowers are brown and limp.

  12. Congrats on the ribbons, it's a gorgeous quilt. Hope you've had a chance to recover this last week.