Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Making 4/11/16

I think I am caught up on the Temecula Quilt Company 'Circa 2016' blocks, but I better go back thru the posts to be sure.  Love these little blocks and can't wait to add them to the center medallion.

It was, also, announced that we will need 120 2" unfinished HSTs at some point.  I used the little bits that were floating in the bottom of the Marcus tote.  I think I will pull my HST shoe box (yes, I keep all sizes of these things) and see if there are any useable ones there.  They are easy enough to make, but if I already have them - done is good.

I pulled all my beige and off white scraps to start cutting the 'wings' for those 300 geese.

The piles are all stacked - not sure there are 300 here, but it is a start.

I plan on power sewing these today.  Yup, keeping those cut-offs and making tiny HSTs that are planned for another project.  Hey, there will be 600 of those bitty buggers - I'm putting them to work.

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And today is our best buddies' day - I have some special treats for my furkids.  Some extra pets and scratches and cuddle time will be planned, too.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. hi Sharon boy 600 hundred of them oh my ,you sure are amazing my friend,i love your blocks also xx

  2. Power sewing, indeed. Hope you get all 300 of those geese done and I hope your furkids enjoy their extra treats and pets.

  3. Getting a heads-up about 120 HSTs was nice! It's always easier to squeeze that sort of thing in here and there.
    Happy kitty patting!

  4. That certainly looks like a good start towards the 300, power sewing indeed. Happy pet day to your two, it's a holiday in this house.

  5. You're right....done is good! You're off to a great start with them.

  6. Ohhh - I didn't know it was pet day. Good to know! I've been a good girl and didn't get sucked into the Temecula project altho I love all the little blocks. Can't wait to see what it becomes! Good luck with all your HSTs and flying geese...

  7. You've got lots of little pieces to sew together. Looks like you've made a good start.

  8. Yikes lots of little pieces -- definitely a long term project. But how great if you are caught up.