Monday, March 17, 2014

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Val's Quilting Studio

This Week's Tuesday Arhives with Val's Quilting Studio is either Animals or Award Winners.  I haven't anything that was any kind of huge award winner, but I immediately thought of a quilt done just last year.

This was the Forest QAL with Shape Moth and you can read the original post HEREl  

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  1. Wow Sharon that is gorgeous.xx

  2. Wow! There is tons of fabulous work in that jewel! I am amazed! I see quilts like that and know that is out of realm of possibilities.

  3. I missed this original post. Reviving old posts is a great idea! Your project is wonderful, it must have been great fun to work on.

  4. I do like that quilt - you do such good work

  5. I'm, so glad you linked back to the original post as I was squinting to good a look at all the individual blocks! Thanks for the shout out and support!!!! I'm in love with this truly showcases your talent! :)

  6. Those were gorgeous patterns and your quilt is beautiful.