Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Sings to Me


I have been dancing and singing the last couple of days. Some lovely squishies and boxes arriving. The boxes I can't share yet. This beautiful pincushion is from Dorothy is my first happy dance - Charming Girls Swap. It is large but perfect for our shop sewing groups to use in the center of the table - a nice Spring decoration. And a bundle of wool for me to play with. Thank you Dot.

And then this lovely came from 'Q' - Quanita from Austalia. I believe this is a pattern from Marcia Hohn's 'Quilter's Cache' site? She sent me a very personal letter. I just love it and it means even more to me that this is from someone learning. Remember we all started at sometime - oh I should show my first project. LOL! The colors are just what I need for a pick-me up with this slow to arrive spring here and it is a pattern I have used in the past. But I am going to use this for my Easter center piece as it is too pretty to use under a messy pan. Thank you 'Q'.


Hands2Help - signup April 10th-13th
SantaSack - signup deadline April 30th
Season Swap - signup deadline April 15th
Zippy Purse Swap - signup deadline April 12th


Are you gals thinking about projects yet? Are you putting things together?

I'll admit it - this is how I work. Not very pleasant to look at. How do I find things? Is everything there? Is this how I want to be ready for May For Me?

Now doesn't this look better? Doesn't it beckon you to dip into that basket and work on a project? I've added a vest pattern I want to make with some assemblance of fabric possibilities and a wallhanging pattern is in there - still need to pull those fabrics. Hmm, I will need to find a bigger basket and maybe put it on my little hearth side stool. Pretty is more inviting than messy.


I played with a few different alternating blocks for my other scrappy 9-patch and I just had to go with the 'light' version of the 9-patch. Besides you girls freak when I mention HST's (half square triangles) - but I do love them. That little tub holds my trimmings - yes, I trim all those bits as all those tinies together really throw your total work off kilter.

I'll skip right to the flimsy photo as there are a lot of photos on this post already. I will be adding a 3.5" muslin border and then a scrappy 9-patch border. Yes, I have that many 2" squares! My SIL asked me how many were in this so far - she had to ask. I just sew pedal to the metal - I don't count! This is a real legacy quilt as there are bits of fabric from probably every project I've done, some of my Mom's , some of our class ladies, and some from my cyber-friends. Look closely, do you see something of yours?


"The roofs are shining from the rain,
The sparrows twitter as they fly,
And with a windy April grace
The little clouds go by.
Yet the back yards are bare and brown
With only one unchanging tree--
I could not be so sure of Spring
Save that it sings in me."
- Sara Teasdale, April

Sewingly Yours,


  1. You received some wonderful squishies! So fun to receive those in the mail.
    Your scrappy nine patch is fantastic. What a great memory quilt.
    Thanks for sharing the spring poem.

  2. I like being organized. But, if there is too much to get organized I run because I don't know where to start. I need to figure out SOME way to keep track of PIPs and new ideas...besides clear pouches and drawers. I have a list...but, it doesn't seem to keep me on track very well. =(

    I didn't think there were too many pictures on your post at all. I love every one!


  3. There are Some Things I have to have out in the open so I can see them as they progress..even if it is a little bit at a time.. There is working messy and then there is Messy.. mine is somewhere inbetween.

    Love your patience and your flimsy!

  4. Oooh! I love that last quilt!

  5. I am going to link up to you on Saturday when I do a May for Me post. I need to get my materials are on the ball!!

  6. Love the poem today and the quilt.
    Great squishies, in beautiful colors.

    My room looks like that all the time! I thought everybody's did!

  7. Pray tell, what are squishies? lol

  8. I'm quite dubious about my dodgy pot holder being your easter centrepiece *grins*
    and yes it is the block from quilters cache, I thought maybe if I paper pieced I would be more accurate, as you can tell it didn't work too well LOL :)

    I love the 9 patch looks like a reverse irish braid, (or something like that)very pretty!

  9. I was going to comment on all the pretties that you showed, as I went down the post reading your text - then your legacy quilt blew me away! It is wonderful! I love scrappy, and the memories in that quilt are treasured, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing!
    Jacque in SC

  10. I LOVE squishies!! They are the best. You can't post a question like "how many squares" and me not answer it. So far there are 720. That is a lot of 2" squares. I love it!

  11. I love organization. Can't help it, my mind functions better that way. Love all your goodies in the mail!
    xx, shell

  12. Oh how I love your scrappy postage stamp quilts! One day I'll make one, too :)

  13. I really like your scrappy 9-patch quilt. So many interesting fabrics in there! Thanks for the poem, too. How very appropriate!

  14. Oh, Sharon, that 9-patch is amazing! I need to add that to my bucket list - so pretty!! Whoop Whoop!! And thanks for promoting Hands2Help!!

    PS Your "before" shot of your sewing area looks a lot like mine right now - hopefully mine will change today!

  15. Whoop, Whoop! I love the nine-patch, such a simple pattern, such great results! And yes, I do want to dive into your scrap pile, and grabbing that kitty pattern I spotted in the basket!

  16. I absolutely love your 9-patch flimsy!!! It's gorgeous. My sewing room is a disaster right now. I'm getting ready to start some new projects, so maybe I should straighten it up a bit?!

  17. I love the scrappy nine patch. I really like how you work the white into your quilts. I'm working on that in 2011, trying to lighten up :)

  18. I too love your scrappy 9p quilt. I am putting one on my bucket quilt list! You didn't make much of a point of the lattice. It gives the some order to the chaos. Brilliant!

  19. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Lets Exchange a Hot Pad. Q's looks fabulous.. she'll be so happy you liked it! :)