Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hands to Help

I received my lovely fabrics from Paulette -
Lovely romantic colours. I had 2 patterns in my mind - must have been telepathy as one of these is perfect. I will start cutting this week as all my other projects are finished.

I already have most of the blocks done using the little 2.5" charm pack I got from Moda for 'Just One Star'. I mixed them with some other left over Moda Jelly strips - they all play together so nicely. This quilt will also go to H2H.

Random Fact: Well, some already know this - was selected for the US Olympic Equestrian Team, but a freak fall during a practice I broke my leg badly and could not compete. However, if this hadn't happened I would not have settled down and had my 3 children.

Looking forward to seeing everyones lovely fabrics and progress.
Sewingly Yours


  1. Great progress, Sharon! And I did not know that about you - I guess you wouldn't have become a quilter, either! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. and wow I did not know that...something bad -out comes something good...children are such a blessing....and look a quilter to boot...and a great one at that..

  3. Wow Sharon! Life has a way of making things happen for a reason. Kiddo's and quilts are beautiful reasons.
    xx, shell

  4. they say everything happens for a reason! do you still ride?
    i look forward to seeing both h2h quilts. :)

  5. That is a pretty cool fact -- now you are an olympic mom and quilter.

  6. I'm guessing...with the "random fact" info...that you are a horse lover? I love horses, too. But, have never been lucky enough to really be up close and personal - except a couple of times in 58 years. How wonderful is that...that you were able to spend lost of time with them!

    Life's road takes many turns and most of the time it brings us to a "greater" place. Children are one of life's treasures!...and then, grandchildren...even MORE so!


  7. Very interesting random fact~! Having grown up on a ranch, horses were a daily work necessity for us. Great to get to know other through Sarah and the H2H Challenge. Lovely fabrics and looking forward to everyone's pattern choices. This is really going to take me out of my comfort zone and help me grow. As previously stated, kids and those little grandkids are the best part of life.

  8. Amazing random fact !! Life is an adventure isn't it?

  9. Glad you've got a couple patterns in mind as possibilities for the H2H quilt with those fabrics. I'm excited to see what you come up with. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

    Very interesting random fact. I'm glad something positive came out of such disappointing circumstances.