Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday


The second house is done with a variation of the Hens and Chicks block (small block).  Our October challenge block if 'Farm Life'  and we had lots of chickens on the farm when I was a kid and it was my job to collect eggs.  We had a very mean rooster - let's just say, I was SO glad when the chickens were gone.

Today I will play in my Civil War scraps to make all the 6" Log Cabin blocks.  Since so many members made them, I thought I would make all the variations of the 'Log'.  Standard log cabin, court house steps, squared, spiral, fanned, and pineapple.  If you can suggest some others, I will add them.

  I try very hard to make sure my quilt math is up to date.  But math question!  How come a 15 minute FMQ takes almost 3 hours to pick out?  My OMG project is in time out for a couple of days and then I need to concentrate on the finish - and NO picking out.

Sewingly Yours,



  1. That particular brand of quilt math is my least favorite and I feel your pain!!

  2. Collecting eggs, that was my after school job, HUGE black hens, they sat so stubbornly in their nests, the hen house was under some HUGE macrocarpa trees, later on Dad made/built a new hen house out in the open, lots of sunshine, and a concrete floor. so much easier to be brave. Quilting maths, or choosing colours, the hardest part.

  3. Beautiful blocks Sharon. FMQ is the hardest to pick out I find, not something I enjoy!! We had chickens when I was very young too, thank fully no rooster and Mum always collected the eggs!

  4. more log cabins - wonky, off-center, non-square centers (diamonds, rectangles, etc)... And then you can combine different versions to make things like butterflies, flowers, etc. That was a few things that caught my eye when I finally found my copy of 202 Little Log Cabin Blocks.

    For me, picking out takes so much longer because of all the breaks I need to take so I don't toss the project in the burn pile. Mostly because of too-close stitches, tip of stitch picker to big, bad light, and needing stronger readers on top of my regular glasses. So your math is just about right from my experience.

  5. Sorry about the ripping out. I know my machines make such tiny stitches that ripping out is really hard and time consuming.