Friday, October 30, 2020

Blue Moon


As if the year 2020 hasn't thown us enough surprises, but think about this week.  A Hurricane, early voting week (yes, I have voted), and a blue moon for Halloween.  Oh, yeah - don't forget the cursed time change thrown in as well.  Makes you want to go into early hibernation!

And many of us had our first snow.  The old addage is if there is snow before Halloween, it will be a mild winter.  Heck - it means a longer winter in my mind!

My furbabies couldn't wait for me to open the door this morning for a walk - then they changed their minds as well as thought I had lost mine.

I put up the pink blocks from that baggy that was in my Mom's other bag.  I was one short and quickly (well, sort of quick - not really) made it up.

There are only 25 blocks because this is all I have left.  Oh I could easily add to it, but the idea was to use up what was in the bag.  Even the bit of muslin was used up, but I do have lots of that 'old' muslin as I use it for my vintage quilt repair.

So the weekend will be slowly working on getting this piece into a flimsy.  Maybe even the AUTUMN JUBILEE might become a flimsy as well, but then I don't really have border fabric on hand for that one.

Soon the Estate items will be out of the way and I can concentrate on some house moving - not moving out, just rearranging and deep cleaning/purging.  So my projects for November and December are lined up to finish out the year.  Just finishes, no more starts.

Have a Happy Halloween

Sewingly Yours,



  1. Happy Halloween to you! Interesting to see the snow, for me who lives where no snow falls!! Those pink blocks are very pretty. Good luck with your purge.

  2. We got snow too. Ughh. Ti.e for roasts and soups. Good luck with your purge and finishes

  3. We missed the snow. I guess there were some flurries, but fortunately, I didn't see them. But we've had rain some part of every day the last 10 days. So end of season yard work is delayed again this year. Maybe next Friday when the forecast is 66 degrees.

  4. Your post gave me a chuckle this morning. Happy Halloween! Love your pink blocks.

  5. Well you are going to bezy bezy.. Your pink blocks are sweet. 2020 has definitely the most interesting year to say the least. I do hope 2021 is calmer.
    Hope your Halloween was full of treats and maybe a couple of tricks.

  6. Thank goodness I haven't had that quilt store receipt in quite a while. We have had snow already. Too early for snow.