Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

Already the 5th month of the year - how the year flies by.  We slipped back into winter here I think - cold, snow, sleet - it has to start slipping back into Spring.  I think I need to buy myself a little bouquet of flowers to brighten up the house and my spirits.

Time to plan the month:

RSC19 is using up those scraps slowly.  The small Chandelier Bead Blocks (one light background and one dark background) and then tackling/catching up on the Tiny Tuesday blocks for the sampler.


The OMG is really helping to clear out those PIGS as well as pass on some of those projects and fabrics sitting on the shelf too long.  My theory of keep it for 2 years use or pass it on is help as well.  I am passing on a number of things as I have some 'new' fabrics that are getting close to the 2 years and I really want to play with them.

My May OMG project is a box I picked up at our guild's swap meeting.  These baskets were started by a former member who is now deceased and the family donated her fabrics and projects to the guild.  These are special to me as Joan was one of the founding guild members and came to quilt with my Mom for many years.  Someone else wanted the pattern and I can easily figure out how to finish these off without it.  One panel of finished baskets and the second panel has the handles applique'd on so I just have to make the basket portion and put this into a wallhanging.
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For my cross stitch project I found these 'Lost Socks' that I stitched probably 10 years ago.  A very talented Danish gal had a lovely site years ago - first sharing miniature quilts and then a year of sweet cross stitch - and then she disappeared.  I think the plan was to make them ornaments, but I rather put these into a miniature as a group.

 Confessions Of A Fabric Addict
H2H will be finishing up with the final link up party on the May 19th.  My three quilts have already been sent on, but I am sponsoring a give away of two Island Batik Surprise FQ Bundles.

Two more Threadology blocks will come out during the month and those will be caught up as time allows.

Will be working on the Harry Potter quilt - waiting on an order of gray fabrics as I wasn't pleased with my scrap selection off the shelf and totes.  I'm very anxious to work on the owl.

Two Temecula Quilt Co projects are still on the go.  The 'buttons' blocks I am actually several ahead as I am making more each week then they are.  The Summer Scraps quilt is slow going as those Broken Dishes blocks are taking longer to press than stitch - all seams are pressed open and I'm fiddly with them.  All of the blocks are made, it's getting them into the rows and then stitched onto their panel (there are two hanging there)  They go on each side of the lozenges center panel.

And I never shared before - the Scrap Dance Minute with CAROLE.  It may not comply with her color layout plans, but you never know - especially with a mystery.  I don't do florals and scavanged the few in several areas to fill this little tub.

I have a few meetings this month and at some point will be looking at new cars - the Jeep has to go.

Luckily there are 31 days in this month - going to be busy.

Sewingl Yours,


  1. Good luck with the baskets: are you planning on putting anything in them?

  2. Oh my gosh. Those socks are so cute!

  3. The baskets look like they will make a lovely project. Finishing them is a great way to honor a friend. The cross stitch socks are really colorful. My daughter likes to wear patterned socks. I wouldn't mind finding a few of those at the store to add to her collection.

  4. Winter came back here too. :-( Looks like your projects should ward off any evil thoughts of it returning for any extended period of time though. Love those socks.

  5. A new car, is that as much fun as new fabric? Guess it has to be sturdy, good for snow and ice, a 4WD maybe? Lovely fabrics for Carole's Scrap Dance .

  6. Love all your planned projects. Fun plaid baskets.

  7. You sound very busy, lots to be done this month. Lovely blocks.

  8. Love the cross stitch socks! Glad to see you honor a founding guild member with your (plural) baskets, too. You certainly have another busy month ahead. Good luck on your hunt for a vehicle to replace the Jeep.

  9. Can you please tell me the size you used in your half triangles?

  10. Fabulous baskets - my favorite pattern is almost any basket. I look forward to seeing these finished.

  11. How nice to make a quilt from those basket blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.