Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

Today I am working on getting all the specialty fussy cut blocks prepped to go with the Birds in the Air setting blocks for our Monday sewing group challenge.  Since I am working off a ME panel and a few scraps that go with that specific line 'Recipe for Friendship', I am having to challange myself to get a bit creative to fill in those fussy cuts. 

I'm hoping to have all the blocks done with a layout ready to stitch up tomorrow.  I might even get this one quilted this weekend; at least that is the plan.

A poor photo of the next temperature rosette, but we went from purples to blue to dusty blue to aqua.

17 - 20 - 29 - 39 - 37 -39 - 45

That warm spell is gone and we are back into those purples again.  This row in the quilt is going to be very interesting with the sudden temp changes up and down and the jump of colors to go with it.

Confessions of a Fabric Addict

There is something new on the scrappy horizon.  Two new buttons on the side bar for Hands2Help and SARAH @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict will be again offering ideas for making quilts for donation.  This year she has chosen 'SCRAPS' as she tries to tame hers - and we all have that problem too.  It all starts January 28th with Sarah's intro and there will be quests with some ideas and inspiration, too.  I am guest blogging on February 4th.

Just Let Me Quilt

Another fun event is coming up, too.  CAROL has put together a super list of volunteer bloggers to share their 'Heart' with you.  She's been posting some cute projects, so if you haven't visited her you may want to go see.
I am scheduled for February 5th.

ALSO, Jacquelynne has a great list of free Valentines projects if you haven't gotten a start.

Now go tackle those scraps,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. The recipe panel is beautiful.And scraps, I thought I had so many, but when I came to match up the small pieces for some new Foxy ears, had a struggle to find some, First Fox is going to have some friends!!! Love your temp hexies, down here still in a heat wave, at least for our part of the world. Days on end in the 30C to 33C are not usual.

  2. Great fabric you are using for your fussy cut blocks. Your hexies colours are great too, is interesting seeing the changes in colour. We are in for a hot weekend, 33 deg C Saturday and 39degC SUnday!!

  3. Your warm patch in the middle of winter will be interesting in the quilt. I'm now searching for red fabrics as it is not a colour I buy but I will need some for the next few days.

  4. ME fabrics are always so adorable but I think "recipe for friendship" is especially cute and oh so true. I'm sure your project will be divine! Our weather has also been all over the place. I really prefer when Mother Nature picks a small temp range and sticks too it. Flipping between winter and spring is going to make everyone sick! Again!

  5. I love the way you are fussy cutting the ME fabric. I have some of the same fabric squirreled away. Thanks for the link to the Valentines' projects.

  6. Looks like you've gotten a great start on your ME project. Lots of fun quilt alongs. Trying to keep to my "year of UFOs" plan is getting really hard. Looking forward to seeing your contributions to both blog hops.

  7. Those little temperature rosettes are so cute and TINY. I'm looking forward to seeing your heart on February 5th!