Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Making

I  have been on such a schedule run that I need a day to play.  Since it is another snowy day, good to be inside and just stitch the day away.  I'll be joining BETH for some Monday Making and finish up these Spring colors into their little 4-patch blocks.  I have 60 done (but not pressed or squared up) and in that old eclair container.   Yes, for a bit of a surprise - that pop of a few black/white prints are being added.

Celebrating my first finish for 2018!!  Hildegard is quilted, bound, and labeled.  A scrappy log cabin border finish and the binding is a left over.
Of course, batting used is a cut off from a quilt trim.

The back is just as fun.  The last piece of an old Folkloria from my grandmother (old napkins).  I hit the 3.5" barrel for two squares to make the corner settings.  

Take time to play today,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. The Spring colors are just what you need on days like today, and I think that the pops of black and white will be awesome. Even though our temperatures are higher today, here in Northern Ohio we has early morning sleet and snow that has turned to ice. The substitute teaching job I had today was cancelled which means I have an unexpected free day to sew. Yay! Hildegard looks great, and I especially like the scrappy log cabin borders. Congratulations on the first finish of 2018! Stay warm and have a great week.

  2. Congrats on finishing Hildegard. I love the pockets you put on the back for the dowel and hanging.

  3. A fabulous finish for this cold winter day!

  4. Love your spring colours! They will make a pretty quilt. And Hildegard is a great finish!

  5. great finish for Hildegard , and colours so good to warm up your day, this will be a spring into summer quilt.( no pun intended!!)

  6. Hildegard! I bet she'll make ya smile often...

  7. Yay! A first finish! Hildegard is looking great.

  8. I love the way you take bits of things and turn them into something wonderful. How neat to have a piece of your grandmother's fabric on the back.
    4 patches are my favorite thing for "mindless" sewing.