Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

I need to catch up on the Temecula Quilt Co's Marvelous Monday Mini blocks.  Once I've had my 'tiny' fix, I want to play with the new RSC17 color - lites (beige, tan, lite brown).  I have such colorful piggies, I think I am going to use this color for a barn instead.  There are three barns in Lori Holts' Farm Girl, so I will pick one of those - of course a quilt block has to go on the barn.

 I forgot to post last weeks temperature rosette -72,66,75,69,74,70,81
And newest - 83,81,82,74,72,70,72

Yes, we are a lot cooler than other areas and some of our trees are already showing a change of color or losing leaves.  DREAD!!

And I had to share my SILs pretty sunflower curtesy of the chippers.  I have never seen a sunflower with so many blossoms!!

They are all over this plant!  We counted 15 and I think are still some little buds popping - just a wonder!

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  1. The thought of your trees changing makes my head hurt, this is way to early, do the trees know something about you having a really early fall? I hope that's not true, your temps actually sound wonderful to me.

  2. Your temps sounds delightful....but not the trees losing leaves so early. I do enjoy seeing your rosettes in temp colors....wonderful idea.

  3. Someone yesterday mentioned trees changing, and I thought, oh that can't be. And there it is again! Wait until we get there, please!

  4. The only good thing I can come up with for the early leaf color changes is when I next go camping there will be some color. Last year in September there was NO color. What block will you put on your barn?

  5. We have the first signs of spring here, so I guess it is not too surprising you have a touch of autumn happening. Love those sunflowers, though!

  6. Nice fabrics and temperatures!

  7. It's been unseaonsobly cool here too. But I'm not complaining. Love your temperature hexies. Have fun playing with your scraps.