Sunday, July 12, 2020

Monday Making


After a long quilt session with the Black Bear Walking, I need some time to play before tackling the next quilt.

I'm digging and pulling the last of my Patrick Loose to use in the 'Ostrich Stretch' pattern by LORNA @ SewFreshQuilts.

The bodies will all be the black which is the Ginko Leave backing trim from the Bear and the ruf  The wings are a muted/mottle Patrick floral that I used long ago for a border (has a little bit of gold fleck thru it).  They are making a fun 'feather' look for these cute birds.  The beak and eyes are another PL fabric that I had just enough of.

It's to be another stormy day with our temps dropping several degrees for a few days - yeah!  Good day to stitch away with a little bit of humor.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Lorna makes wonderful patterns. They are always fun. I love that you have the perfect scraps to make the ostriches. I can't wait to see the colors for the rest of the flock.

  2. What a great pattern and I love your blocks, they made me smile.