Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pieces of the Heart Quilt Show

I managed to sneak out and grap some 'down the hall' and 'in the room' shots before it got busy.  My photos are not the best.

This drew - such a great scrap buster !!!

The kimono jackets  are the challenge for our guild this year, and Joan (our fearless leader) had a few in the show.

I was pleased to see another bear down the hall from my bear.

There were lots of miniatures, bags, and items of clothing - some of the guilds' challenges; and it was nice to see so many different guilds partake in this show.

T- shirt and memory quilts aplenty, too.

I LOVED this quilt and done by one of our guild members and supior longarmer, too.

Seemed at every turn there was a sign MORE QUILTS and boy were there!  All sizes, techniques, and all just awesome.

Look at all those triangles!  And the applique was wool.  I so wish I wasn't allergic to it because I would love to do this.

In the children's room were so many cute quilts and so nicely displayed.

My dear friend Martha's cute farm quilt - how cute is this?!!

Row quilts that were another quild's challenge

The Holiday Room filled with Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc....

And then my camera was dead and time to get back to my booth.

I hope this link works - a member of the Cobleskill Guild who is a professional photographer - her facebook page of this show is just fabulous


  1. That's quite a show. So many beautiful quilts!

  2. Thanks for sharing so many quilts from the show. That star scrap buster is going on my to-do list!

  3. What a wonderful show with such beautiful quilts. Yeeesh...all those triangles, and so beautifully done.

  4. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful quilts! You're making my bucket list longer and longer! At this rate I'll live forever!

  5. Lovely quilts. My favorite is the fun one with the giraffes.

  6. As I said earlier, lots of "WOW" factor. Looks like a very successful show.

  7. What a great show! Thanks so much for sharing...lots of inspiration!

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