Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bits of Time

I had a delightful 'visiting time' this weekend. On Saturday my daughter and the grandbabies came out to spend some time. As well as my oldest boy (mom's laundry room got a work out). And Sunday my youngest son stopped in to spend some time - my fridge got cleaned out (by his eating). So I had to spend bits of time for sewing. AND a visit from one of my followers - hi Denise - who spent some time in our shop.

The finished flimsy for Marcia's Scrap Challenge. I know she is offer ing a free quilting with her challenge winner, but I think I will use this as one of my projects for the FMQ Challenge and do this up myself.

Some minutes here and there and these little houses got built. I see in reading some blogs (and being personally e-mailed) that people are having trouble with this pattern. Tiny sometimes doesn't suit people - but the pdf offered is not true to size. It is a smidge too small and the seam allowances are only an 1/8". You can try to re-size, I just leave over-lap of fabric and trim to the needed size and they are coming out fine. Also, I hear a problem with getting them 'flat' - a damp pressing cloth and hot iron will smoosh those babies down!

A little time stolen to do up this cross stitch ornie. These are only 3.5" squares, so the stitch space is small making those work up fast. Soon I will have enough to do a bunch up into the final ornament with stuffing, backing, and hanger. I prefer to use my time to assembly line that task.

I love my early mornings - time for that first cup of coffee and the sun rising to the new day. It gets the juices going to spend some real quality time on a project. So I used it to assemble all those blocks into the flimsy for the Scrap Along Challenge. I'm thinking at least two borders for this, and then it's ready for quilting. **Linking up with Judy's Monday 'Wall'.

And these two made me change my time use plans. Moe camped out on one mini quilt and Bella is on the other - that's when I stitched the ornament. Then some paperwork and then to bed myself.

The 12 Days of Christmas Sampler done in the Blueberry Crumb Cake left over charms. I only 'out-of-order' assembled and a muslin skinny border, but I have time to change my mind because.......

I love the sashed look done with the bright sampler. How different the look between the two!


Box #1 - is moving on to Karen's Sewing Room

Box #2 - Ali should announce this week for comments. She also is hosting the Tangerine Tango Challenge (button on side bar)

Box #3 - Miki has comments open to end of the 10th - so hurry and pop over for a chance. She also has a cool blog!

I have to remember to make some time to post some of my Water Dragon New Year luck with you all - a lot of winnings and surprises already for 2012. And my 200th post is coming up soon - so you all know that means a give away is in the making.


I get a lot of comments about how do I manage to get so much done. I usually only have my furry friends to interfer with my time. BUT, time is a choice - use bits of time to acheive those big goals.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. With all that company and you still got more done than me. Plus is all looks great.

    I just posted my latest and of course now I see some twisted blocks....LOL.

  2. Gee Sharon you are amazing,well done with all your projects.xx

  3. I need to learn how to USE bits of time instead of them wasting away. I tend to not start sewing unless I think I have a "block" of time to concentrate. Then, I piddle the time away. =(

    YOU inspire with all that you do. I really like the TWO quilts - 12's amazing how different the outcome can be!

    I'm trying not to add too many commitments, unless it will further the progress on "stuff" in my stash. =)


  4. I need to take a nap after reading all you have done. Makes me feel so lazy. You do accomplish alot

  5. Thank you for the suggestions about the little houses...I may go back to them again! And I love your mini samplers...both are beautiful and the second one is so just jumps off the page! Enjoy the day sewing!

  6. You choose to use your time well. The results are beautiful.

  7. You are always so busy creating so many wonderful items! Thanks for keeping us up to date on where the Traveling Stashes have gone :)

  8. Wonderful progress on all your projects. I always enjoy the variety of projects you finish. Happy quilting. Judy C

  9. Sharon, you made my day! It was so great seeing you and your mother and all your wonderful quilts yesterday. I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

  10. Thank you for your link to my blog. Several people have come over to sign up for the stash. I appreciate your generosity.

  11. Lots of company and lots of sewing done..well done!

  12. I really love the quilt you made for the Scrap Along Challenge! Great colors!!

  13. lovely work. i see that little girl peeking out the window. :)
    sounds like a beaut weekend!

  14. There's always such fun stuff going on, on your blog!! You stay SO busy!! Love the little cross stitchery. And thanks for helping me keep track of the traveling stash!!! :)

  15. Oh those two quilts are soooo different. I love the sashed look the best (for me) but whatever you choose will be right for you! :)

  16. We talked about bits of time in my Bible study tonight Sharon - small bits of time are all you need if you put them all together over time! blessings, marlene

  17. Truly impressed with the sashed 12 Days sampler. The black corner squares pop. Made a huge difference. Must try that.
    Picnic scrap challenge very nice! I like the note ornament. Looking forward to a picture of the completed collection on your tree this Christmas.

  18. You always use the best colors. The Blueberry is so wonderful and I love the little mini quilt. The scrappy for Marcia's challenge is good too. Have you started your FMQ Challenge yet? I've watched it a bit on FB.

  19. I love your scrappy one the best! Really good advice for all of us to use those little bits of time....I've been trying to do that lately, and I have gotten more done! Yay!