Friday, March 4, 2011

New Banner and Goals

The new banner was a painting we commissioned (local artist) for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It is 'the house on the hill' that I always talk about. Yes, that is the homestead. The red barn is the State Landmark - first court house. Two of our barns were dismantled the year before this was done - old post and beam Dutch - one resides at a museum in Vermont and the other is at our local museum (Old Stone Fort). The main house was an Inn for people attending court. It is one of the valley's/family's original homesteads. Yes, my ancestors were the founders of Schoharie Valley purchasing the 'land tract' from both the Queen of England and the Iroquois. Original maps list it as 'Vromans' Tract'.

The quilts in the foreground are special quilts that traveled the first year that my Mom was inducted into the Quilter's Hall of Fame - Catskill Region.

I have enjoyed being a member of the Charming group. Setting goals, encouraging each other, finding ways to make our quilting and lives less stressful.

CyberQuilters Yahoo Group UFO Challenge (done)
Carol Doak Yahoo Group UFO Challenge (done)
PatchworkTimes UFO Challenge (done)
Brown Bag Quilt #2 (done)
Moda Bake Shop - Charm (done)
Cherries Picnic quilt (done)
Modern Quilt Challenge - Monochromatic (done)

CyberQuilters Yahoo Group UFO Challenge (done)
Carol Doak Yahoo Group UFO Challenge (done)
PatchworkTImes UFO Challenge (done)
Moda Bake Shop - Accesories (done)
Stretched Stars quilt (done)
Prep two quilts (finished) for early May show (done)
(Clean,attach hanging sleeve,paperwork)

And I know there will be some fun things along the way to be added. Bloggers just keep me happy and inspired.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Beautiful new banner with a wonderful family history! Something to really treasure. Good luck with all your goals.

  2. Sharon I love your new header and especially learning the history behind it.

  3. Beautiful new banner, Sharon! I stopped by to make a comment on the blog you posted before this one ... and your banner blew me away. Enjoyed hearing your family's history in the area.
    Nice goal list. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures posted in your blog entries as you complete each goal : )

  4. Gorgeous painting! I really enjoyed reading the family history - I'm a real history buff. Wow, I sure hope that in a few years I can focus on my projects....I'm still working on our business, now, and I have projects piled up waiting for me! I so want to retire. Sigh.
    I'm a follower now; I really like your blog, and seeing the pictures of your finishes and in-process ones, too.
    Jacque in SC

  5. I really love your banner and the story that goes along with it.

    When ever I see a picture I like, I always decide if it would make a great jigsaw puzzle. This would definitely quailify. I know I'm weird. Puzzling making and quilting are almost the same right?

    Does this make you royalty?? I better practice my curtsy.

  6. How incredible to incorporate some of your family history into a painting. I love that you decided to use it as your banner. Are your mom's quilts still on display?

  7. It is wonderful to have something with so much meaning for you! I am sure you smile every time you see it.

  8. Beautiful painting. What a rich history your family has! Not many of us can say we have such roots in the country!! The painting makes a wonderful banner for your blog.

  9. LOVE that banner!! What an amazing story. I need to go and make my goals and to tell what I finished. I am so far behind reading blogs!!

  10. What a lovely way to preserve family history! Thank you for sharing.

  11. I LOVE the painting!! I love history and the story of your family is so interesting. That is so cool that you can trace your roots back to the purchase. I am so interested in that. How cool about your old barns.

  12. Sharon, I love the commission piece..pretty nice in fact...I am sure they will sew appreciate you have been busy. and I look forward to seeing your picnic style quilts..oh trust me we still have snow..but in my heart is it very spring lol

  13. Oh, you have some neat family history, don't you? How cool to be a part of such fantastic heritage!