Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mad as a March Hare

To be as "mad as a March hare" is an Old English phrase derived from the observed antics, said to occur in the breeding season (March) of the hare. That the hare will behave strangely and excitedly throughout its breeding season - This odd behavior includes: boxing at other hares, jumping vertically for seemingly no reason and generally displaying abnormal behavior. Although the phrase in general has been in continuous use since the 16th century, it was popularized in more recent times by Lewis Carroll in his book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which has the March Hare as one of its main characters.

Is this why we have March Madness? Does it apply to 'Cabin Fever'? Maybe it explains why I have this urge to jump vertically for no reason - well, from one project to the next; I don't jump. Some 'Quilting Gods' tell me that's abnormal behavior. As long as all my planned projects get done for the month, I will be happy.

This is block #13 for the BlockaPalooza. Wow, getting close to being done. I changed the center 9-patch to smaller size and set it on point - oh, the math made my head hurt. There's me jumping abnormally.

And block #10 for the Layer Cake Quilt Along. Another project nearing it's end. I behaved on this one and did the designer's pattern as written. Maybe because I did it after my morning's coffee - and a day late.

I am so excited and jumping up, down, sideways, and backwards. My dear sweet longarmer did my Charm quilt before another customer because she knew how stressed I was on having this done on time. She did a wonderful job - we planned the quilting together and she so, sew did a beautiful job. It is quilted with a lovely lightly verigated linen/grass green thread. There will be more photos, but I have to get the binding done.


Traditional March games in history during the Lent Season are jumping rope and marbles. Gosh, does that go with the whole March Hare theory? Jumping and losing our marbles?

My marble playing will be snowball blocks. Since I am using charms (actually I cut all my charms from scraps), my squares are 5" and the corners are 2" squares. My snowballs will have a little 'odd' shape with these cuts, but remember it is March Hare Season. With small setting squares I usually 'aim and shoot', but you can draw your diagonal line and then sew. I work a few blocks at a time, chaining them- then trimming corners - then pressing. It's some hopping, but then I don't get tired of doing all those blocks at once - after all , there are 100 squares.

Here are a few blocks laid out to see how they set together. Odd shape, but interesting. Not the normal snowball, but I like the 'Let's Play Marbles' look to them. That's my new quilt's name. I know, there are a few other quilts in stages before this one, but they will all get done in their (ab)normal time.

Do you act like the March Hare this time of year?
Sewingly Yours


  1. you've been very busy!! Love the blocks. I hope to act mad as a March hare this weekend. I'm going to do my own little retreat, locking myself in the sewing bright and early on Saturday morning and not coming out for some time, really have the urge to do some piecing.

  2. I like how you carried your opening thought on the March hare all the way through your blog. It was fun! I still don't know how you manage to get so much accomplished and it always looks wonderful!!

  3. My March Madness lasts throughout the year! Just in different forms...

    Lovely results on your post!

  4. "March Hare" that must be why I was born in March. LOL! I am glad that you kept up with the Block-a-palooz. I got 2 done. LOL!! Your snow ball are cute. It will look great when your done.

  5. I think we all act like March Hares because we have cabin fever!!
    I love your "Let's Play Marbles" layout, and the newly quilted one is lovely! You get so much done - I am green with envy!! LOL
    Jacque in SC

  6. You have so many interesting and lovely projects going on at the same time. I enjoy hearing about them ... seeing pictures of them, too.

  7. Oh I'm so looking forward to seeing your charm quilt. It looks beautiful. I think I see a little Breakfast at Tiffany's in of my favorites!

  8. Sharon, just to let you know, I have been getting messages saying that your email in "undeliverable" for the past 2 days. Not sure why??

  9. This is just a test to see if my comment delivers.

  10. Sharon, You get so much done!! Can I come to your house and get some lessons on time mangement>
    Love the green snowballs.. what a neat project.. And not all snowballs are alike.. At least mine aren't!
    Thanks for posting all your projects for inspiration !!!

  11. I think my body and mind are so grateful for the extra light as spring approaches, that they've got me flailing around trying to decide what to do with the extra energy. I guess that means I'm a March hare too.
    When you trim your corners on the snowball blocks do you trim both fabrics or only the 2 inch piece? Some patterns recommend one method and some do the other. Yours look great, so I was wondering how you do it.