Friday, May 18, 2018

Still No Sew

I still haven't touched my sewing machine and my handwork projects have sat idle as I finish up the commission cross stitch piece.  It is in the blocking stage at this point so hopefully we will be back to a regular schedule.

Although -----  our local quilt guild is involved  with a special program this weekend.  We hung and laid out our part of this combined event Friday night and the flowers will be placed Saturday morning. 

I gifted a large bag of fabrics for the tabletop planter crafting - more out of the stash even if I can't sew it.  I hope to visit this crafting and assist if need be.  Of course, I want to attend the tea.  The flowers are up for the weekend, but we are leaving the quilt displays up until Monday evening and I will be back with the crew for take down.

I look forward to my sewing time with my blogging buddies - miss you all!
Sewingly Yours,


  1. This sounds like the creative ideas your guild is involved in. Enjoy your time.

  2. The poster ad is so lovely, and if this is a wee taste of what there is to see inside, it will be a wonderful event.

  3. You are disciplined - that's why you accomplish as much as you do. Good for you! WTG