Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Purple Asters

The Aster is the birth flower for September. Our's are out - loving the plentiful rain, warm days, and cool nights. Such a display of inspirational color to creat this coming fall.


I made this quilt top using Moda's 'Girly Girl some time ago. I just haven't had a finish in a while so it was a good project. The pink/white heart border (also the back) is a perfect fit. 'Tea Time for Fairies' from Northcott. Tea parties, fairies, and little girls. I will donate this to our LQS who is collecting quilts for our area flood victims in need.

And I fabric framed and finished off the 'candlelight' cross stitch project. It needs a real good steam pressing under a wet pressing cloth to get those lines out.


Another rainy day and evacuation of the valley - just had to be busy, so pulled the old scrap tote. Need to make more 'boxed' 9-patch blocks for my squared up quilt and my 2" barrel was down to the light paisley spring colors.

I find pressing fabric and then cutting into workable pieces very relaxing. You get to pet each piece and remember the original project it came from. I of course got distracted and not only cut for my 9-patches, but re-filled my other barrels.


100 Quilts for Kids - visit Kate here for details.

Christmas Quilt Along - Sue at QuiltTimes is the host this Saturday. Don't fret if you didn't take part in the quilt along, join in with one of your Christmas Projects.

Something NEW:

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And to introduce you to a another fabric site:

Henry Glass - visit here and view fabrics and some free projects.

Closing Thought

“Bravely my sweet flower resists
Heat of August, autumn cold;
And though she has amethysts
For her dower, and some gold,
Never roadside beggar passed her
Without nod from purple aster.”
- May Riley Smith

Sewingly Yours,


  1. The "girly girl" quilt is great. I love the plaid type pattern in the blocks. Very neat.

  2. I love asters too, they make the garden so colourful...I do tend to get carried away with them though as they as so easy to grow! I love your little Candlelight quilt.

  3. what beautiful flowers Sharon and you have been a busy bee

  4. Love the plaid look - another great post. Judy C in NC

  5. Your asters are amazing! Love the quilt - it will make some little girl very happy. I continue to include those affected by the flooding in my prayers.

  6. Love the asters!! You have such cool posts!

  7. Love the quilt you finished for donation, wonderful color combination.
    We're having problems down here now. Wissahickon, Schuylkill, Delaware all causing flooding with roads and schools closed but nothing as severe as what you have. I'm praying for you all.

  8. Thanks for sharing your blooms, we've only had a couple this year. Some of our yellow lantanas bloomed.

    Loveeee the Girly Girl quilt.

  9. I spent some time yesterday looking at online cross stitch shops. I kept saying in my head, "If I get into cross stitch again I am blaming Sharon." Then I reminded myself that I have NO time and too many other things to learn. But you are an need to blame :)

  10. the girly girl is going to make someone very happy and very cozy!!

    I love the cross stitch, always enjoy seeing your stitching.

    Hope it drys out soon there! Enough wetness already for you guys. Too bad there isn't some way to send it right over to Texas.

  11. The flowers and quilt!
    Been thinking of you with all the rain and flooding. Hope you are doing ok.
    xx, shell

  12. I like to press, sort and cut fabric into usable sizes too! Perfect for a rainy day! You guys didn't need any more rain!

  13. Very pretty girly-girl quilt! Love the soft color palette.

  14. Your flowers are so pretty. Girly girl is so cute and girly.

  15. Love the cross stitch project & the girl quilt! Very nice!

  16. What beautiful soft colors in your girly-girl quilt. That is definitely going to make a special girl very happy.