Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Time To Vote

On Sat., August 20th or Sun., August 21st Vote for your favorite entries for the following categories:
- Dog on quilt/Dog theme
- Cat on quilt/Cat theme
- Other pet on quilt/other pet theme
- Best EQ pet theme quilt design
- Best Art Quilt

**note: Any votes for your favorite entries, left prior to Saturday, will not be counted as not all entries may have been added to the linky for this show. To clarify, wait till all entries have been added to the linky by end of day Friday and vote for your favorites on Sat & Sun (linky is closed and there are 109 entries)
**** Make your vote entry in the comment section on the Pets on Quilts Show home page - click VOTE LINK HERE down below will take you there****

As an FYI, Prizes will be awarded randomly based on six categories where you could win prizes from two or more categories.

- PR Angels
- Quilt Entries
- View Choice Awards
- Quilt Show Visitor that view all entries
- Followers visiting the show
- Voter for Viewer Choice Awards

But, to win a prize Darlene needs a way to contact you. If you are not sure of your blog settings (e.g. you might be a no reply blogger), please check the “no reply blogger” red button on the side to help you check and/or fix your settings. And, if in doubt, include your email address in your comment. While this may sound silly, there is always someone who comments with the "Anonymous" option and doesn't include an email, you can't win a prize with that approach!


***************Just a Reminder********************

Bella # 32

North American Birds #32

Lastly, have fun and enjoy the show!

Sewingly Yours,
Sharon and Bella Donna


  1. ok, maybe I am technically challenged, but I cant find how to vote on that page??? I can only view all the submissions. Is there a vote button I am missing??

  2. Flo me too, but we know I am challenged....grin.

  3. I'm going to go over and take a look :-)

  4. Oh rats! I forgot all about your birds! I was having some trouble deciding for 'other' and this would have been perfect!