Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fit To Be Square

Definition - A 4-sided regular polygon with all sides equal and all internal angles 90°. For a quilter - inspiration and the base of quilt blocks. Moda Bake Shop has a wonderful chart for "dissecting" a 5" charm here leading us into another design realm.

I found these stitched squares when looking for something else. Oh, my they must be 3yrs old - from Ria Lanser's old site - Grandma's Kitchen. 12 alphabet blocks (6" square) I thought the Le Petit Poulet would work well with them.

As most of you know - I am a horrible insomniac, so of course, these went right into stitching mode. I fused a light stablizer to the back of the aida cloth, stitched blocks for support, and used those Jelly Roll strips to make 3 each of red, blue, green, and yellow hue blocks. Now I have to decide if I want to use the tiny pin dot on white, plain white, or black for sashing

I made the square-in-a-square blocks for the 'Quilt for Kaaren' project. You can find the information here. Blocks should be in the mail by July 15th.

I managed to get the two final borders on my Simple Things quilt. Opted for a muslin strip and then used more of my squares for a patched last border. This will wait for a little for hand quilting as I have another to get done.

I did get the wristlets finished to match the little coin & card purses (Valeri Wells pattern). This is an easy pattern and great tutorial, so if you are shy of zippers, give this a try. Tutorial can be found here.

I finished the hand quilting to complete June's UFO piece for Judy's challenge. The batting was a little too thick for a table topper, so it will be used for a stroller/carriage quilt. It is made from left over HST's, left over w/w squares, and left over sashing strips. Even the batt was a trimmed piece. The backing is new fabric I got 1/2 price - Buggy Barns' "In the Pink"


For those following the two square boxes of traveling stash, you can find them here and here. Oh, I would love one of these - so I can split it and send two square boxes on their way.


I know this is what you all have been waiting for - and I made you work for it wading thru a long post. Mailer ready and all those charming names in the draw.

And a real good shuffle and stir to find a slip - that's a new stitchery at work for the 4th of July.

Shannon of NuNus Quilt World. I will need your pick of the double pack of charms and your mailing address. Congratulations to Shannon and thank all of you for being such Charming Followers.


Are you a square peg in a round hole, or a round peg in a square hole? Instead of trying to 'fit' within the square and round of the quilting design world, find what fits you - makes you happy and shout "I MADE THAT"!! (shhh - I think I'm a spiral)

Sewingly Yours,


  1. I am so scared of zippers. I don't know why. I need to just try one but I've too many quilts on my want to do list first.

    A spiral? LOL.

    I am just different. I've never been labeled as being like others.

  2. a fun post Sharon always good fun to visit

  3. You have been busy Sharon. And so inspiring to me.

    Congrats to the winner!

    Have a great day..

  4. Great work, Sharon - and thanks for the links to the Traveling Stash giveaways! I've been trying to win one for a while! Maybe I'll get lucky this time...

  5. Enjoyed dropping by today - and thanks for the traveling stash link up. Judy C

  6. You have been so busy and you've made some great blocks!!!

  7. Your stitchery blocks are going to make up a wonderful quilt!

    The Simple Things quilt to is so pretty with it's soft colors.

    Thanks for the links to the Traveling Stash. I had wondered where they had gotten to. I sure would like to win one of those, too :)

    Have a wonderful week, Sharon!!

  8. Thanks for the 5" square link from Moda!

  9. You have been busy. Lots of nice things. I love the ABC blocks.

  10. What a busy bee! I need a nap after reading all the things you finished....giggle.

  11. I really like the Simple Things quilt and will be waiting patiently to see the quilting.
    Thank you for the heads up on the tutorial.

  12. Gracious -- you're one busy stitcher -- and all such fun things! Congrats to the winner! :)

  13. Wow, I dont get that much accomplished in a whole week! Great tip about the travelling stash..what a fun idea! thanks

  14. Thank you so much!! I love your posts. You always have so much going on!

  15. The LePetit Poulet fabric is simply perfect with the stitching! Love the colors. Your little quilt turned out so pretty, makes me want to make one, too. But I have too much going already!!!! You get so much done, I can hardly believe it!

  16. Imma a "hexie" shape! yeah, is that diff enough lol?


  17. You sure do get a lot done!
    I think if you are a spiral, then I am a Swirl! Sometimes I think I am just swirling around in all directions, but that isn't bad as life is never boring that way! You always make me think!

  18. Thanks for my wonderful Santa Sack!!! Great post with so much info! I have always had a huge fear of zippers. I'll be checking out that link for sure!

  19. Love love love your simple thing you find time to do sew much Sharon, I have no idea...You inspire me...

  20. Love love love your simple thing you find time to do sew much Sharon, I have no idea...You inspire me...

  21. Congratulations Shannon!!! You are very inspiring Sharon. :)

  22. Sharon if you're a spiral then I must be an upside down spiral! :( Not feeling it (the sewing bug) these days. blessings, marlene

  23. Congrats to the winner! Love your stitchery blocks - the colors you chose set them off perfectly. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the blocks!
    Jacque in SC

  24. You've been busy--so much accomplished! Congrats on your UFO finish. Nice to finish something lovely, useful, and that uses up the leftover bits too!